The Happy Christmas!

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My 60somethin movie.... i can't be bothered to count... 62 i think.

Not your average christmas movie! If you like santa you're gonna love chocolate, but if you hate chocolate you're gonna all love this movie! my movie! whirlguy helped this movie with me yes.

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Haha, i like the intro because it was funny with the fonts used to match the fil, and the characters are well done with lots of detail, mainly the santa haha, this flash made me laugh lots of funny characters but welldone, kinda short, anyways it was decent work, keep it up...


no Im not!

That was... another typical job by wallpaperman. You got your own style of funniness, don't let anyone take it away from you, start making an awesome project man, it will go well if you wanna start a certificate in Digital media or something. I showed this guy Xunmato ep1 and bang! he got me a job! get statrted dude! :) God bless!

wallpaperman responds:

there are very few people who share my sense of humour...

who did you show xunmato to? i wanna show him my movies :P

Christmas Insanity!

Brilliant! Random nonsence is hard to do effectivly. You do'ed it well man, monty pythonish. Nice.

wallpaperman responds:

yarheey, just like all my movies ;)

why thankyou for the support =D

Okay it wasn't Great

but don't listen to that last reviewer. A 14 year old can make good flash (I tried but my trial ran up). You just gotta put more effor into it than that.

wallpaperman responds:

heh i dont put much effort into anything


Why you trying to entertain me you 13 and 14 year old little fuckers. go to bed. Muuuuurrrrrr. I gave you an average score cos your still in puberty. SHAME!!!!

wallpaperman responds:

what the fuck i am 13 and have more talent in my left asscheeck than you do in your whole life loser