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Could be better

Well these are ok but they need more effort on yourpart with much more detail and some new ideas but they can be interesting

Needs something new


Wtf do you do

i don't see what you do the screen goes up and i see this ity bity square
and wtf is with the name? ddddddddddd all of your games are retarded names -_-


the game was way to easy though, if u take the puck and hit it over to the openets side then go over the openet with the puck, u get a way easy goal.... and there was no sound at all...wahh my top score was 30, after 30 i got bored then quit


Man, I love your games. I did a review in another game of yours... This is another game webmasters can put on their webpages. Why don't you create a serie of mini games for websites? You could also do some 3 (or more) in 1 games. I never saw someone using this idea. I think it would be great for you. And don't worry about sending me your games. I know how to pick them from this site. Anyway, thank you. I hope you like my idea. And don't let the cretins bother you about your work.

P.S.: In this hockey game tere is a cheat. You can win always going over the oponent, what makes the game too easy. Could you make a limit to the player go, like in the middle?


try to improve by making it a bigger play screen its too small, and dont play with balls as paddles, thats just stupid, and make it so you cant cheat so easily! make a barrier for each side!

that sucked.

its called table tennis?

its on a hockey ring half line...

its more like your other 8800990909 pong games, you and your butt buddy (at the moment) randompost

quit making games while you still have SOME dignity

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2.18 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2004
5:08 PM EST
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