Cupcapades 2

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JUMP: Space bar
MOVEMENT: Arrow keys (left & right)

The first cupcapades took under a day to make, and was meant mostly as a joke than a game. This sequel, done three years later, is far more complex in every aspect. Graphics have been revamped, there are new characters, three levels, and the engine can deliver a system that allows you to change the game.

The concept is the same, use your character to jump over and avoid the objects headed towards you. Each character has its strengths and weaknesses, and each level has their own enemies. Change either the number of Enemies on screen, the speed of the game, or the direction of the enemies to see which play style is best for you.

Rhythm and I decided to launch this game in this condition, even though it does need some work. Like Ghosty, we will be updating it in the next few days to polish it off. Any comments are welcomed.

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This sequel is awesome!

Haha! I can't believe you've released the sequel! I love the new characters and levels. I think cheesecake is the best, but ice cream is the cutest. :)


this game was pretty damn hard. not too much stuf to it though.

fun game...

... I don't know if there is an ending to the levels, I kept dying. >.< The artwork was good and game kept me busy for a little while. It was a nice game overall, I hope you make more. Nice work Professor_Rhythm, I didn't know you make Flash. Much better than the shit I made awhile back. Nice game...

Kenshino responds:

We'll be making more. Just hope that one day we get to see past 15 reviews. Thanks for the kind words.

Needs fixing.

The collision detection is a little too stiff and unforgivable. I die on things when the cupcake isn't even touching them. The collision testing seems like you've got a large bounding box around the movie clips and you're doing a simple hitTest which is causing the problems. You should set it so it checks if the images are actually touching instead of the size of the MC or write a function to test the distance between the players and the enemies. Either one will do.

Kenshino responds:

I think it is a bit more complex than that, but Rhythm decided against doing advance collision detection since he feared it would slow down the game too much.

Mmmm... cup cakes

that was fun made me kinda hungry though

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4.13 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2004
4:40 PM EST
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