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Pointless Battle

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this movie was my RE assignament for school. hope you enjoy

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how cool, way to do this animation about your assignment for your school, huh!!

not bad

I always enjoy your detailed combat animation, even if the plots of your movies and games get kinda bizarre. Liked this though great choice of music for Jesus' intervention. Ironically, I forgot what they were fighting about halfway through and just focused on the action, which pretty much proves the whole damn point, doesn't it


looks like it was made in power point Oo


nice job... people these days take things too seriously, quit whining and watch the bloody movie, fuk "o noez they sez god on tv!!!!111!! LETS BAN IT FOR SOME REASON" (which is ironically god forsaken)... it just got political

aa u know u coulda done better lol

just watch it and shut up... not that its much lol

NIce Message, Shame Nobody will listen.

Nicely done. I like the use of 3d effects in there, and the fighing scene was cool, and I liked (sorta) how it ended.

Just one complaint...


Religion (or lack thereof) has been the cause of around half of all violence in this world. Cases in Point:

Crusades (ALL of the crusades)
World War II (the Holocaust in particular. Hitler killed ANYONE with religion, which most people never hear about)
The conflict in Isreal
And about the rest of the violence in the world today.

Jesus would not approve, if he indeed exists. (Note: I AM an atheist. so sue me. It's not that I don't like religions, I hate the people who take them to extremes.)