Sickness Pt. 3

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yawn. well its done.



Oh yeah. Sure. Break the ones around your wrist and not the ones around your neck. Makes sense.

reasons for their deaths

*The guy being chased looks like me* I believe that the two people being persued have been cursed by nightmarishly bad luck which affects not only them but the people around them as well. *This is something I have used for a character in a comic I have written* The reason that they bleed every time their bad luck affects other people is that it originates in them and is THEIR bad luck and thus causes them harm. I believe that because they were cursed with this horribly bad luck, they were doomed to die early deaths from the moment they were born, and this is one of the two reasons for their deaths at the end of the series.
*The following is the second reason for their deaths*
I also believe that the reason they were trying to reach eachother's hands as they were about to be hung is that, if they were going to attempt to manipulate their bad luck again and free themselves, they wanted to insure that they would escape TOGETHER. Thus, they attempted to come in contact so that they would escape at the same rythym and not see one escape while the other was hung.

im think that ahh my head

yeah so i seen almost all your videos i think ah there it goes again loollll ok im not funny why didnt they just break free well they would just have 2 start running well if i dont or go to hell or cause god to make me none existant or killing spreeyeah you get my point it would be fun so good luck with your other videos or whatever u up 2


whyd u make them die at the end.is this the end of the sickness series???!!!

Very nice work

Lol flaw % loader is broken... man thats so sad... too bad they werent close enough...hmm...y didnt they just break the ropes around their necks?...WTF!?!

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