Piconjo: The Epic Kiss 8

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(i dedicate this Yaoi to all of my fan-girls <3)

Teh next exciting epic of teh legendary kiss, but who will piconjo kissz0r this time...

Piconjo <3s j00 all

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To the author, while I can't say I like this very much.. I do commend you on constaintly posting this dispite the ranting and bitching you've been getting everytime. That takes some guts, and really, the world lacks that. Still, try a little harder next time alright? I see where you want to go with this, and the idea in itself is very lovely. But the execution remains to be proper.. Keep at it, you'll get it.

To the reviewers, I need only say this. How utterly stupid do you have to be to go to something that has YAOI plastered all over it, and bitch about it being gay? Yaoi is gay moron! Either stop being so damn ignorant and learn a few words before you fly off bitching and whining like a homophobic twelve year old trapped in rtards body, or just get the hell over it. Bitch all you want, they're still gonne be there! Jesus you people are freaking stupid...


Be it a fricken guy or a girl it dosent mattwer the music was wounderful and imy self enjoy the yaoiness because iam like that. im a guy big fricken deal, you fricken morons wouldent know the truth if it even came up and bit you inthe ass. None of you idiots understand that be you a guy and a girl guy with a guy girl with a girl, it dosent matter. what isee is love betwen these two guys. And the same could be with two girls, it dosent matter who you are or what you are or what it is you do.

Theres love betwen these two indaviduals, and thats really all that matters betwen these two guys. You dont understand that its 2 guys. Hell it could be a guy and a girl, what matters is, is the LOVE! the love, the loyalty, the partnership. Its an emotional song too, it makes you think, not of the yaoi stuff but it makes you think about your lover if you have one. You with a guy or you with a girl it dosenty matter.

The song basicly says you never know what you have ontill its gone. And you should hold on to it for as long as you possibly fricken can, i mean i been watching this guys videos and be it the same thing all over agein, it just something that love can show it self anyware at any given time, i happen to take this stuff to heart because i do have some one i love and yes he is a guy! big deal. call me a fag or queer or what ever, i dont care. You should think about it, what if you and your girlfreind get intoa fight and you REALLY love that person, do you just wanna go out and find another girl or vise versa for a guy. or girl for a girl or guy for a guy...

Ill never understand hederosexuals, then agein idont understand them because that look at people like us, be them homosexuals or lesbions and well...discriminate us, i know some of you guys liek the lezbion stuff, and some of you girls like the homosexual stuff, like yaoi, kissing, and nuzzling you all my think it "Cute" or "kawii" or what ever, but for us its basicly just love betwen two people.. i dont expect any of you to understand...


I kiss myself all the time



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2.65 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2004
3:06 PM EST