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Qrip 2

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First of all I am sorry for the large file size, even with Audio Optimization and video resizing I came out to be a large file size.
This is the Second part to the 2 part series, If you have not watched the first qrip you can do that here at this link.


I have been given the word that the voices may be off with some people viewing the movie, if this happens please view it at a lower quality to fix this.

Please if you decide to right a review, and express your opinions toward my movie, and that you give a real reason to give my a mark that you have put, and not something stupid like a 0 and all you say is blam, because I can’t understand how people work hard at these and others just shoot down artist when they know that they can’t do any better. Let alone how anyone can get a 0 that would be like putting a blue circle and that’s it. Now I know that I can’t stop people from voting that way, but don’t write a review on it, and besides I’m likely to respond to the more profound reviews where you actually put your piece of mind into.



Has problems.

First, the reason the sound doesn't sync up is because you set the sound to "event" instead of "stream". As for the graphics and animation... pretty weak. I must say it does show that you put at least some effort into drawing so I'll give you that. But the animation was repetative, especailly during the fight scene. The arms and legs waving was extremely corny, and hilarious by the way. But I am guessing it wasn't supposed to be funny, which means you failed. Also the fight scene was far, far too long. I feel this had an anime feel to it, maybe go for more anime type animation. focus less on backgrounds and more on action. One more thing... if you are going to use backgrounds, chnage them when you cut to a different person, the backgrounds stayed the same throughout the fight scene. Overall, Fair, but if could be better.

Needs work

Firstly, you probably need to work on your plot skills more. The first episode opened up an interesting concept but this episode didn't try to expand on it in an interesting way. Everything was kind of overly simple and thus made the plot a little pointless. I believe this production could have been a few more episodes longer to portray a more established storyline. It ended way too quickly leaving the viewer with nothing to take hom. Also, I'm not a big whiner over originality but this movie really showed none at all. It was sort of like your basic superhero comic mixed with DragonBall Z. You might want to work on these things a bit.

Animation, as a lot of people have said already, is very repetitive...VERY repetitive and also basic animation is way too fast. You might want to use less frames per second in your frame-by-frame animation to give your characters a less robotic-stature if that makes sense. Toward the end of the fight I noticed the animation did spike in quality. Hopefully we can see more of that better-quality animation in your future works.

Music, sound and voice acting was pretty uninspired here, too. I can understand the bad voice acting, and it doesn't really bother me, but to use a whole song in the middle of a very long fight scene with absolutely no sound effects or dialogue makes for a pretty boring fight scene. I think adding sound effects would have pushed the fight scene up big time.

What I did like was your timing of camera angles and such. Things like this can set a mood and I think you did a good job with it.

Anyway, I hope to see more from you in the future. You show potential. 3/5.

Needs some... thing....

Well... the images were pretty clean... maybe need a little tweaking. And the sync issue i think is probably because you had your sound set to 'event' rather than 'stream'.

I thought it was pretty okay... but I think the fight went on waaaay too long and it was a bit repetive.

Otherwise, I'm sure you'll get better with time... you definitely show promise.

balls deep

I feel dumber for having watched this flash

P.S. you pay your rent money by spreading your ass cheeks to your own dad
and making shitty movies like this one if I were you I would FUCKING kill myself

shit pure shit yes i hate you//////
ps. agin concived you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


you 1st movie was shi*, and yet again..so is this one. At least try and make voice acting synch up, sound right, and edited. This is like a godzilla movie, only godzilla rules and this blows. Not worthy. (well worthy enough to be blammed)

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3.31 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2004
9:03 PM EST
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