Twisted Snowboarding

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Here it is, the pinnacle of all my years learning flash. After much hardwork my first proper game is here.


To get the highest scores possible combine, tweaked grabs with rotations or even better combine special moves with rotations and a grab!

Post your best score in your review, you could lie but you're only kidding yourself!

The time limit is sixty seconds so falling over is not an option - the best scores will be obtained by those who consistently land good tricks!

Have Fun

If you find a bug please leave it and details in a review so I can alter it!

Thanks, Sickening Scream



What Can I Say? Graphics were nice, but i couldnt jump high enough to flip... and ADD SOUND!!!

Im a snowboardin fan myself

and this was pretty fun but please fix those bugs and ADD SOME SOUND. otherwise fun

BIg glitches spoil it

There are two big bugs with the game. The first has already been mentioned. The other bug is that you can start doing tricks (earning points) before you press play. then, when you press play, you still have those points, but still have the full 60 seconds.

My highscore - 2.5 million (though I could have gone on indefinately), and all I had to do was hold down space and the left cursor key.

A pretty decent game...

Add more obstacles and courses. Oh, and fix the glitch that was previously mentioned ;)

it was neat

it is something that i could never do and i had fun playing it. MY high score was 124651 because i found a little glitch where i jumped off the jump and then hels down space and the next time he hit the ground he just bounced again. this allowed me to get the multaplier very high and i scored very high. If you fix that and make a few more jumps and obsticals then you will have a winner. What i think would be cool is if you put that dude in a half pipe and make him do tricks there.
i am impressed

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2.64 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2004
6:56 PM EST
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