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Samurai Rain

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This is my first submission to Newgrounds. It's the product of me trying to learn Swift 3D.


cool game but..

u can do better Every house i click on it says you have no shit.Sumthing like that and its fucking anoying...


my friend dont mind with the things that other people say if someone got here hoping to see a samurai fighting game and get disapointed they have no idea of what they losing this game has great and deep thoughs that i realy liked.
please make more like this one.(i know, i know there are several word spelling errors but you understand the idea)

Not bad...

It's really not bad, the graphics are pretty good, but there really wasn't much of a point to it. Walk around and click on things that say stuff... it needed more. Good start though.

Fairly decent submission

This submission is very good for what you are trying to do. Don't get discouraged by the people who played this looking for samurai battling, they didn't know what they were opening when they checked this out. The ambience was a bit loud, but well done. The character animation could have been a bit smoother, but that's not saying it was bad. This had a lot of style, and taught me a few things about the creed of samurai I never knew. Good job.

Not a bad start.

Nice buildings - you'll need an orthographic character as well - using 3d rendered buildings and a pseudo sprite based character doesn't work very well... - also consider creating a backdrop (ground and what-not) that fits better. Nice use of the "go from here to there" scripts with the character though - simulated collision detection seemed to work well...
Lose the sound or rework it - the background noise is too loud - soften it up a little - make the main rain loop(s) a little longer and break up the ambient noises into pieces - for instance - use two or three 8 to 10 second soft rain sounds and another dozen or so ambient noises - birds, frogs, additional thunder - things like that - then loop the rain sounds and have it choose randomly between the two or three each time - also randomize the ambients - play em two at a time or so with something like a 2 or 3 percent chance of playing at all - this should improve the ambience greatly.
Keep working on it as it does look like it has the potential for a really cool mini-game...
Good Luck!

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2.00 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2004
10:13 AM EST
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