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Ive worked on this piece of work for over 3 hours!

Everyone participated and it is a good flash.DONT BLAM PLS DO NOT BLAM DIS A PICE OF A FIFEN PENOR

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this was ok

the music fits perfectly. but maybe looping it would help? oh and thats from zelda mm. not much else good about it.

like watching the end of a tweening tutorial...

wow... ProfessorCunthor's review is the best XD but I bet the people after whistle points will remove that at some point. What can you say about this movie? It's Shape and Colour tweened lines with a black background... anything that can be described that quickly made in flash can't exactly be awesome... if you're stoned or something by all means enjoy this, but I've seen relaxing animations waaaaaay better then this before

Not bad....

I would've voted five if you included a piece of marijuana in the background

By the way, good man, it is "FIVE", not "FIVEN". Spend less time sucking cock, and you might learn some more English.

I you didn't spend time having fights with your computer and calling your computer a "penor", you might have gotten the movie done in 2 hours.

Also, posting on Newgrounds isn't that hard. If you smoked crack less often, you might have avoided spending one hour trying to figure out how to use your internet pogram.

And it does not take a whole hour to get the flash file published as a .swf. Learn how to use the pogram.

If you take my advice, you will see that your future masterpieces will take much less time

Professor Cunthor


Wow. This is pointless. You say it took you THREE HOURS for a bunch of generic tweens? The music was a bit relaxing, but it doesn't even come close to making up for the lacking of, lets say... ah, everyone before me has probably already said it dozens of times over. At least start with thoughtful art. Sorry to rant...

Btw, the title automatically makes you look like a noob. Sorry.

Over 3 Hours?

Over 3 hours you say? that's impressive? some people work for over 1 year to finish their flashes and you're expecting us to vote 5 because you wasted 3 hours of your pathetic life on this piece of junk? okay, i'll be constructive. thinks to add :

* Characters
* A plot
* Backgrounds
* Dialouge
* Humor
* And don't call it "VOTE FIFEN BITCHES!!!!!!" what the hell were you thinking. People will take one look at the title and say "LOL N00B!"

Credits & Info

1.22 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2004
5:43 PM EST
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