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Endless Epic EP.1

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Author Comments

Its so far bbout a guy who wakes up to find someone in his house, to which he sails backwards out of a window with dual uzis(dont know why he has them). Then he walks back in the house to talk to the 'mysterious figure'.


Some thoughts,. . .

I understand that this is part one of a undetermined number of parts flash. So, let me offer you some suggestions as to where to go with this. I read what you had to say about this piece. You don't know where you are going with this you say. Well, as a writer, I don't begin a writing project without a web or a base idea. Some general focal point to web ideas and concepts from. I will give you credit. You have talent. Your art is above average, yet your score remains average to below average because you lack substance. Instead of making another part, and making it up as you go along, perhaps you should actually write a base script to work from. Just a short story line to base this on. Of course, as you get into development, you can always alter, add, or change anything you wish. I'm not knocking your efforts, just trying to give you some direction. Overall, it was interesting, but severely lacking. I'm sure that if you watched it a few times, you would agree it needs more. Don't get me wrong, I know it takes a lot of effort to produce flash. Yet, we the viewers are subjected to these multi-part stories that cannot hold our interest. Or these test flashes that an artist will make to try out techniques. As I said, go back to your story board, write a base script, and then go from there. I'll keep an eye out for your next installment. Good luck.

Neurotically Yours,

Coulda been better but wasnt

Wow this movie blew! sorry dude but i dont really get it dude. But thats an awesoem clip compared to the other flashes produced. And another thing is there actualy a point to this submission?

i like it

vrey good timing with the music. it helps to create a good mood setting.


very quiet musice at first but that's cool because that's a good way to start a movie. a nice slow start. And then wam! Out of no where a guy comes out with a gun with heavy music. Your choice of music and timing of when to put music was really good. background graphics weren't of the best quality but they were fine. This was a really nice short movie. It was cool how the guy was trying to find that creepy character in the closet. nice work!

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x3rxes responds:

thanx for actually giving a response thats helpful... its really helps. when all people do is dis your work its sorta pointless. thx.

This is ok

Moved a little slow in the begging. The graphics need sone work. The plot is week, needs more to it. Need to work on the animation some. I think you I have to agree with the ony guy that said you described too much in your author coments. Leave some of the inturpretation to the viewers.

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Credits & Info

2.17 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2004
7:52 PM EST
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