Two ch.2 - Rise

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The story I began in Ch. 1 continues.

If you enjoy this series please donate at the end of the film.

Two has gone through some definate changes from a crappy FBF toward an anime style cartoon feel with gradiated line widths and color. If I get a few donations I'll put a lot more effort into this project.



Asking for donations. You aren't submitting at NG to make money. You are submitting here to entertain friends and/or, to make your name known. If you want to make money, go get a job and work like most everyone else does here. I liked your short piece.

Cool, But Too Short Man

Yo, this was a good one, but it was way too short...
Some suggestions...umm...make it more in-depth, i mean, give it a good suprise ending or two.
And keep up the good work:)

ArneTheTurtle responds:

Thanks for the suggestions, I definately plan to.

Good job, but abrupt.

Good animation, but it is kind of short. I thought that Chapter 1 was excellent because of the mysterious introductory background information. The episodes are a bit short, so maybe end each of the next chapters with a cliffhanger? And please don't just make it a violent fight movie, because that is too trite. Maybe add some depth by way of flashbacks?

ArneTheTurtle responds:

No worries, I'll be fleshing things out. The story has a lot of depth to it (much moreso than many feature length films) I'm just still adjusting to the medium.

Nice start

"Good work. At least the bastard doesn't appear to be too slippery."
Heh, for some reason that line is easy to remember.

Anyway, here are a few thoughts:
1) The main character was VERRRY cleanly-drawn. How did you draw

2) When I right-clicked and pressed the Rewind button, the sound
did restart, but also kept playing the sound from the previous
view which caused "overlapped" music. Nitpicky, but I thought I
would mention it.

3) Add some more flesh to the story. You almost have it!

4) If you're short on cash, just pick up an earlier version of Flash
(sorry about pointing out the obvious :} )

5) Keep up the good work!

ArneTheTurtle responds:

rigging him so I could get smooth headturns and etc. took a few hours. I won't go into the details of the technique, but it's all by hand, or rather by mouse.

hmmm.. I don't pay much attention to that menu, I may disable it and put in my own navigation instead.

The story is VERY fleshed out. Conveying it is the hard part.

Thanks! I'll keep working on it.


okay most flash artists will show something worth donating to. I hate guys like you out there panhadling with a thirty second crap clip. I will now kick your metaphorical coin cup off the curp *kick*. There now how do ya feel ya beggar?????!!!!!!

ArneTheTurtle responds:

Hmm.. Yah.. OK... thanks.. I'll make the next one more worthy of donations I guess ;p

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3.47 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2004
6:38 PM EST
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