RPG Fight

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Well, I felt like puttin it on cuz it's really fun, and I hope you all like it, cause I'm coming out with a better version soon! (BTW, set the quality to medium when you play)



The game is nothing so what you beat the monster then what that's it? All you do is hit that low quality, bad graphics, short wannbe RPG button

If you made this game a little bit longer with custom character making, more moves, better graphics and quality with level ups, level up abilities and world go a rounds this game could be the best game on newgrounds


Sometimes games like these don't have to be fancy shmancy just to entertain me. True it was kind of lacking but it was still fun to play. Great job!

no point

anoyingly hard too


You tried really hard to come off with something similar to a final fantasy turn based game the sad fact is that it just didnt come off well, i thought that the problem lied in a number of issues, one of those being that you didnt have enough options for the player i mean all i had to do was attack and i won easily and secondly both the button design and the character designs seemed alittle plain to me. I thought overall you had a good idea it was just the execution that let you down, oh and i liked the final fantasy victory music you added.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)


Dude! That sucked big time!
I didnt think that there was any point to this at all!
Nothing to really attack or defend, or anything... it was... pointless.
All it is is pressing the same button over and over, repeatedly until... well... you get bored.
The award is a punishment by watching shitty animations.

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2.59 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2001
8:09 PM EDT
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