CaveFlyer FINAL (1.485B)

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(I know i submitted something very similar yesterday, but i made big changes so the game runs alot smoother and faster and filesize is down to less than 1.5 kB. Added highscore too)

INSTRUCTIONS (not included in game to lower filesize):
-Hold the mouse button to make the snake go up.
-Not holding the mouse button makes the snake go down.
-Don't hit the walls!
-All caves are 100% RANDOM!
-Caves get smaller in time!

Made this just as a project to see how small a game i could make. I submitted something like this a while ago, which was 7kB. Thought i could do better, and see: a much more complex game in much less space! It only takes 1.485B now! Anyway, the point is: the game kinda sucks, but as i said, it was like a project.
Really good for a preloader or something, mail me if you want it!

PS. I think i'll stop with this project now, after lowering the filesize to less than 1.5 kB. I don't think it can get much lower, because the only things taking up the space now are the text and scores, which cannot be removed without damaging the game experience. Maybe it'll be in some 5-in-1 game under 10 kB i'm thinking of...



cool. but i would have kept playing for more than 30 seconds without those straight walls!!!!!!!!


Well it was different for sure, abit slow, and needs a better menu design with some rules and stuff, also might want to think about adding some color here and there just for a better effect, it was ok though...



I just hate it when people say IMPROVE THE GRAPHICS! They dont understand the term CLASSIC! jesus christ........


Very clever, but unfortunately not terribly entertaining. I can understand totally why you'd want to make this, but a good game needs more in the way of graphics and sound. The playability was fine, and coding superb, so kudos for that... I'd like at some point to see you do a full game, because with the right graphics, your AS skills would probably blow away the majority of NG competition.


Whoa for such a small size dude this game rocks! I have to give you some props man i am really impressed! Keep it up man.

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2.12 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2004
3:09 PM EST
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