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Took a while to make. If the game runs slow, set the quality to low in the main menu. To turn on sound, at the main menu hit music. The graphics are limited because it would run even slower if they were at all good.



this game wuz funny and goood i like it when you run over your enemys with the transporter

good but needs more... strategy.

in the seqel make it so u can command the team like missions and commands and secondary weapons and frag grenades and stuff.

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This deserves a higher rateing

The scripting here is excelent, the implemtation is damned next to perfect. The only thing it really lacked was the ability to strafe, which made it quite hard to shoot without being shot.

You would get a considerably higher rating if you improved the graphics slightly, added mroe detail and character animations like running etc.

Fix that, and theres no reason why this couldnt make it to the front page

LordEdmonton responds:

I'm going to make a second game. Except it will be done from almost scratch. It'll have reloading animations, more weapons, more vehicles, and will be faster...and ther will be strafing

NGCodebreaker Here

NGCodebreaker here and i found a nice little glitch...
when you become invisible you have a short amount of time to die ...yes die ..because when your invisiblity bar is ALMOST gone and you get shot to death .. WHO HO FULL INVISIBILTY AND INVULNERABLITY .. YAY!!!!

Keep it up!

Whoa! That was intence! Anyways it was really creative. If you make more vehicles, weapons and mabey if you could fit a preloader. Then this game WOULD KICK SOME FUCKING ASS!!! Keep up the good work dude and it MAY end up #1.

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2.38 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2004
8:06 PM EST
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