3D FLASH Objects

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Made with Macromedia Flash 5 with help from the Bauer b-traax cd. I hope it`s ok with the links in the buttons when you push them. I have added a preloader because without one it sucks :-)


(title in work)

These were definitely interesting buttons. I could see something similar to this be used on some Flash based homepage of a band or something. The animation of the buttons was cool, and the sound effects to go with them fit very well. Unfortunately this version the links are broken. Also, I don't see the point of the stop button. It doesn't seem to do much as there is really nothing to stop.


There are my questions:

>How did you do that.

>Were do you get the 3D objects

>Is it a sprite

>Did you download the 3D thing

>Did you use a certaint program,
and that was cool also, I want that program.

A waste of time.

The actual graphics weren't so bad but they were useless, try something with a point.


The stuff looked really good, now just incorporate your skill into something else, something of value.


Pretty Nice

In my opinion from previous webdesign work etc, if you were going to use that on a webpage in any shape or form, add a few more in, tone it down a little, and have the words readable when not moused over, but greyed out, maybe light the backgroup up when lighted over, I don't know. I've just always been annoyed when i have to mouse over EVERYTHING to find the one link I want. Overall a good job though

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Jun 9, 2001
10:12 AM EDT
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