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Bug Patrol

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SAVE THE GARDEN! - An old game i made. I dug it out of the corner of my ear.

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Simple shooter

It's not very fun to put in an ammo limit.

Gar...you are god?

I got 3030 point with 228 bugs dead...YEA..they started ganging up a little much..and thats a problem..you should have had ammo increase, or powerups with like 5 ammo...this game would rule with powerups (time stop, +ammo etc) but, its still awesome..music got annoying tho

Great Stuff!!!

I killed 136 bugs! Yea me! Love the musical choice though I can understand some wanting more varience. I enjoyed it much more than I expected at first. Nice bit of humor with Mr. Grim visiting from the soul reaper game... it fits, since we are killing bugs.

interesting but kinda boring

killing bugs in a garden...really interesting, but the music is repetitive for me

Very fun-I liked this! 4/5

I liked this game, a very fun take on a classic setup! And that I'm a gardner at times on the side, well! Great, job, I liked this one!