Internal Fires 11

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by csscblackbelt2000

Internal Fires 11

Many of you who have seen my previous works most likely noticed that my Internal Fires movies have been based around the same graphics / movements / and somewhat the same ideas. This was getting quite boring. I have decided to make a new background image and scene for every 10 of the series.

So, this being Internal Fires number 11, many of you will happy to know that there is a different background and scene, and will remain about the same for the next 9 IF's until 21, which I again will change the background and scene.

So, here's the IF11, kicking of the new set of backgrounds and scenes.

Enjoy and please, for goodness sakes, blam!


yes long time no talk

im gonna run outta episodes... im on the BBS quite alot.. but ive never seen you on it so i don't knwo if you go there much. Well this one was a tad short... but still has its moment. No sadly enough i have no beat FFX, i borrowed it from a friend so i had to give it back before i could beat the game, but ill get it back again soon and beat it! yeah schools been a bitch lately, but im still on here a lot. So hows things been with you lately besides school? Ive been alright. I actually stopped surfing this past few months becuz i hurt my ankle quite badly from skateboarding. so its been shitty since i love it in the water... not to many huge waves tho, wish there were hugeeeee ones! Well i should keep this sorta short. So hope to hear from you again soon, BYE

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Wow, not it really has been a long time. Much has happened on this side. Got my license and car. Fun times...fun times.... Took summer school to get rid of Chem. ummmm, oh, I hurt my knee...torn cartilage...so now I am back on the comp making animations, heh. Don't know if you're still on Newgruonds these days but hope to hear soon and IF18 will be out shortly within the next hour. It's finished and ready.

By the way, beat FFX yet? and how's the ankle?
k, ttyl.


this was cool for the fact that it was new and more unique than the other works......OK,since were cool and all on NG and on AIM and stuff,im gonna be real....tthis needed a little bit more...im not trying to be mean....but l like yur voice on the other IF series, there FUNNY! this was funny,but youll need ur your voice wit it as well, it just make it better...:) :) :) :)!! GOOD JOB!

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Hello again.

I hear what you are saying, but don't worry, everything I do had a place in the big picture.

I have decided to divide the series into parts of 10. The IF series 1-10 revolved around a bar while 11-20 I have decided to revolve around the bathroom. The same person will be used (notice, he is sitting in the center stall.)

In a way, IF11 is the equivalent to IF1. That is why I made it the way it is.

I also have some other reasons that need to be accounted for, though I am choosing for the moment not to reveal these. Maybe a later time, eh?

More of my IF's "enterntainment" will soon be back as usual with every new episode (as soon as my teachers stop giving me so much homework).

I sure can't wait for Winter Vacation! I sure have a lot of animating to do and I hopefully won't let down all of my fans and enemies, worshipers and haters.


another good episode of internal fires.
good job.

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Again, and as long as I keep receiving your reviews, I will thank you for them.

Thank you.

((( WELL )))

Well it was ok, but still needs work, while you say you have changed graphics, it still needs improvmentes, and better effects aswell, you need to tak your time with thease before sending them out, but its not all bad, its decent keep practicing though...


csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Yes, sorry about that.

This was the first one of the 10 new background IF's, so it was made as the first IF of the entire series was made.

Don't worry, they will get better...He's in a bathroom stall, and the story which began from IF1 shall continue.


Why god? why? Why did this submission survive? If this doesn't get thurd of the week, then there's no god!

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csscblackbelt2000 responds:

There is a God.

He's just on my side.

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Nov 27, 2004
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