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Author Comments

My third flash movie!

Thnx kind reviewers and voters. You are the ones that will make me want to get better at this :). Thnx!

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Hey its your cozin nice flash I found it while searching up some stuff on NG. I hope you have been making some new flash in the year. (Well I know that you have been busy thats why you have not been realy make much flash latley(I can't spell right now) so ya) Oh ya what ever happend to that one lock flash you said you were working on but you did not want to send it to me on msn. Was it realy cause you only had like 4-5 seconds done on it? Or was it because you only had the title done? Your "line 1" flash was cool. Thats sweet you can make that kind of flash (even tho its a simple line flash)in one hour. I made something like that in about 1 hour exept it was crapy. All I know is that you have better talent in animating and drawing. I'm practicing drawing on flash and I'm getting a bit better on it, I made this one video on christmas called "The Man Song" its not the greatest but it took me about 1 hour and 30 minuts. You know that one flash you seen me working on when you were over for the christmas party and my brother was trying to be funny and saying " WOW the man song now people are going to think your gay now jeff, my name is jeff I like you be gay....." and so on since its not on newgrounds you can check it out on my site at jeffscave. Well Great Job!!!!

nice and sweet but simple.

Hey you are so good at making flash and its cool but simple but your better then me at simple stuff well watever thats was awson!!!!!!!!! And reply to this coz i like it when people reply to my coments well overall that was preety sweet!!!!!!!!

Jonathan-Drobig responds:

here is your comment! and thanks :)


Hey its cool smooth animation and great audio. Well keep up the good work!!!

Jonathan-Drobig responds:

thanks, dident think people still saw this.

((( SIMPLE )))

Well this was somewhat simple, like a worm moving across the screen, but the animation seemed very smooth, just didnt appeal to me, needed some better artwork or something, but like i said the animating was decent...


Jonathan-Drobig responds:

Thnx :)



Jonathan-Drobig responds:

Thanks a bunch! :)

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2004
12:46 AM EST
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