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This game was made based on a comic series i made called Chibi Wurld.
*Note* There are a few bugs but they wont get in the way too much.
-Story- The chibi's where still in a fight when Keagan flew into a power plant. The plant exploded and the radioactive particles mutated him and created a horde of evil called the Kegtroids. Now its up to Jake and Kody to save the world.


fun tacular

was pretty nifty.. nice, easy idea and game play.
as long as you werent trying to be serious about everything and whatnot, that was pretty fuckin cool.


Well I found it funny how you can walk in the sky... Oh, And whats the Music from? I reminds me of music from Mario 64 (Remixed) And it gets messed up near the end (Music)


Kodesmack responds:

Yes music is from mario, it was the only thing that went along with it. Thanks for the review.

i quite liked that

well, it still has a bit of work to do on it. but its heading in a really good direction, the music was good. But the game seemed a tad too easy, maybe if you made the machine gun not fire quite so quickly, or have the aliens move at different speeds (and maybe different types of alien and yeah, some with ranged attacks would be great!) i likes the style of the drawnig, dont quite get the nukes though. Would be nice for some interest in the scenery (like craters or somethin)

i hope to see an update again soon!

Kodesmack responds:

Yes we have made the gun fire a 3 shot burst, so now it will be hard well kinda of hard. Also yes the nukes are gone and we are making more playble charaters. Thanks for reviewing.


Look,its not crap.There are worse out there.I like the "kid drawing" graphics (you were going for that effect,weren't you?)but the game itself needs work.By the way,with the hardest character,on the hardest level there is this one alien that won't die.........

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Kodesmack responds:

Yes i am trying to be diffrent i finally found some on who understands. But yes we are working on the problems thanks for your review.


That was horrible. It had the ugliest graphics and the concept of the game, tho better than most, is just another shooter game. This game needs LOTS OF HELP! A better artist, more structure, and a lot more thought and time put into it before trying to post it to newgrounds.

Kodesmack responds:

Time, you have no flash cartoons made by you. Next time make a flash and ill consider bickering with you. But we are working on it you think i am just going to quit? Anyway thanks for the review,

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1.73 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2004
11:44 PM EST
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