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Made these movies awhile back, hopefully a lot better then my previous submissions, but ill let you be the judge of that. Please if you decide to right a review, and express your opinions toward my movie, and that you give a real reason to give my a mark that you have put, and not something stupid like a 0 and all you say is blam, because I can’t understand how people work hard at these and others just shoot down artist when they know that they can’t do any better. Let alone how anyone can get a 0 that would be like putting a blue circle and that’s it. Now I know that I can’t stop people from voting that way, but don’t write a review on it, and besides I’m likely to respond to the more profound reviews where you actually put your piece of mind into.


This movie is about two scientists that are working for an evil business man that stumble upon the powers of mysterious ooze. I will leave the rest of the story to the movie and part2.

Also don’t think that part 2 will come out next year, both movies are done and will out between weeks from each other. So enjoy.



It was ok i guess,but i didnt get it.i mean,wat happened?the graphics were amazing however so a apulaud on that.


Boring and poorly made. Has potential, though. The opening bit was very well done. Otherwise, PLEH



The repetition of the SAME fighting sequences do get quite annoying. If they were different, then it would probably be better. The voice/mouth editing should be in sync. The story line was pretty cool. You should probably stray away from the Dragon ball Z aspect of your cartnoons.

Pretty D@mn Good

It was good, couldve had smoother graphics but we all cant be perfect, good story line, good fight seen, took a bit from DBZ but who doesnt nowadays..... Overall i give you a 4 for 5 on this flash
Good Job

Nice job!

Good job man, I thought that this was a pretty good flash.
Plenty of graphical details, as well as a developing plot. This could be a great series in my opinion.
The cliffhanger part was pretty good, but I think that you should have cut off after we see the effects of the ooze.
Either that was just intentional, and a poor decision, or it was just author laziness/didnt know how to do it well.
All and all, this was a very suspenseful movie which kept me entertained throughout, all jampacked into 1 meg of load time. Great work!

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3.47 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2004
10:32 PM EST
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