The Nintendo Jazz Band

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*UPDATE* Thank you all for your advice. I will be sure to not make those same errors in the next one.

Watch all your favorite Nintendo
characters play some jazz! Enjoy!

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this is good! maybe you can also make 1 of sega charecters. just
an idea. by the way where can i download the song?


That was fantastic the only thing missing was a video for conker and you didnt include link but apart from that it was great the graphics and the sound and the toads ROCK!!!


your the best! i love the music.

Pretty good!

My only negative comment would be concerning the generic repetative actions of the characters...I would try to sync up the actions a little to the notes they are playing....at least on the solo parts so that it looks like they are playing the sounds you hear....oh and the skewing Luigi made me a little dizzy, maybe just skewing Luigi and not the piano, and add a few close ups of his hands playing the keys would really add a lot to the piece.

Well that's my opinion for what it's worth, other than that the concept was great and the music was pretty catchy too....good job!

Pretty cool for what it is...

one question though... Where's Samus? btw.. ( I'm sure you've gotten this a bunch) Conker isn't a nintendo character... so if you were going to put a non-nintendo character in.. put Megaman.. Yea eff you all he's Capcom which is now mainly Sony, MEGAMAN OLD SCHOOL! never forget your roots! NES owns everything. speaking of which.. where THE HELL was Link? if you make another one you should add possably some back up dancers.. there ya go, slap in Peach, Zelda, n' Samus!

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Nov 22, 2004
12:40 AM EST
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