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This is my new movie, after seeing some LL movies, i wanted to make some movies for their cause. I hope you like it :)


Yeah, Rock Party!

It was kinda hard to understand what they were saying. Maybe if you put an option of subtitles on?

StarLock responds:

I made this ages, i didn't know what i was doing back then. I use subtitles now though.


lol should of made the writing on the paper a little smaller ;) lol quite funny reading it though :P overall i think this was pretty good for how short it was :)

StarLock responds:

Heh, well my application got me in :P Thanks for the review!

((( FUNNY )))

Well it was funny, the locks are abit simple, they need more detail about them, the voices well clock crew heh, anyways the party scene was kinda neat, not much more about this other then they remind me too much like the clocks...


StarLock responds:


YOYOYO B-B-B-B-B-Unit!!!

I AM MSN LOCK!!!! I IS TEH MOST POWERFULLEST LOCK OF ALL!!! LEARN TO FEAR ME, OR DIE, U WORTHLESS MORTAL, MUA HA HA HA HA HA!!! No, seriously, i am the, one, and only, MSNLock, I WILL BE TEH KING OF TEH PORTAL(movie idea...) I WILL HAVE TO bEAT BANANA WITH A BAG OF WAFFLES!! seriously, i know teh best lock, guess, guess!!111 you know it... ME, go to roadtoutopia(.)com/locklegion

StarLock responds:



Pretty good work there, the ending was pretty cool too.
You know, us locks have a site. RoadToUtopiaDOTcom
-Coffee Lock

StarLock responds:

where did all you cool reviewers come from? And sure i'll sign up, now that ten people have told me.

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3.32 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2004
7:57 AM EST
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