To Be Human III

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this is not meant to offend anyone, also the voice quality isn't too good so u will need to have the volume higher.



I think I wasted another chunk of my life. Aw...I could have made money.

ANYWAYZ! WTF is the backround? Oh I see! U didn't have care to make a backround!

The voices? WHAT VOICES?!?!?! They were coverd by the music!

What even happend? They had a short conversation then that was the movie!

HOW COULD SOMEONE LIKE THIS?!!?! Ok, next time put effort in a flash movie.

Magosis responds:

aww another one who seems to be vomitting excrement, I do apologise for your condition I understead people with your disorder do not enjoy thinking, I will refrain from making you do so in the future.


characters fading into the screen of a white background. i don't think i've seen something like this before. That's cool how the music lowers when they speak. graphics look really good too. nice work.

Magosis responds:

nks for the kind words glad you enjoyed it


this is a huge pile o' crap!
srcew hippies!

Magosis responds:

does it take a whole grade 3 education to quote an out of date show are have u just taken classes to be obnociouse (yea thats spelt wrong) well i do hope you chose to continue you education and maybe atain that coveted elementary school diploma.


I like the message but...its kinda sucky man. Learn to spell BEFORE you write.

Magosis responds:

heh, yea like i said i should have spellchecked

What does the Media say?

Can we trust them? ...hell no!

Cool, stylish movie. Cool song. True message. I like it. Do another one sometime

Magosis responds:

Heh i indend to do more, i recomend you check the others in this series if you like this.

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2.60 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2004
10:23 AM EST