Krap Magick 2

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Due to popular demand, i have made a sequel with different tricks! Enjoy!


No more magic

This is getting redundant just like the amount of mario movies coming out. Just when I am about to release one that I have slaved over 1 million mario movies come out. Also the lighting changes in this so I think you could have done a better job. Nice try though.

DanAbnormal responds:

I thought it was pretty original, ive never seen this on NG. I cant win can i? If i made a claymation then you probably would have said the same. Its hard to make an original flash on a site like this.


i have to agree with him this submission isnt worthy of the portal and should be blammed

DanAbnormal responds:

You think youre so important dont you. Well ive got news, youre not. Just because you didnt like it doesnt mean it isnt portal worthy, and what do you know about portal worthyness anyway? It obviously is portal worthy as its been in the portal FOR THE LAST 6 MONTHS.

Even though I don't consider this flash...

... it's still pretty good. Very entertaining to look at, and original too, I'll give you that much. But this kind of movie doesn't specifically fall under what I'd call flash. Hell, claymation barely even makes it borderline for me. Your movie was very fun to watch though none, the less.

DanAbnormal responds:

It's not flash, but look at -knox-. He's got tonnes of stuff that isn't flash. In that sense it's unfair, just because he's -knox-.

I didn't think you would make another

Well this was like the first one. All the black surounding the video is just annoying. If the picture was bigger, maybe it would be better. This really isn't flash so no real graphics to it. I forgot to mention I don't liek the sound you use. It kind of annoying too. The first one at least had some originality too it. If you want to do some stop animation stuff with camera try doing some claymation.
Your editing was better for this one. I rather see you try somethign different in the future. If you keep doing these they will get old fast.

DanAbnormal responds:

I wont make anymore, unless i can think of something original. I made the video small to make it look its best, because if its big then it doesnt look as good. I purposly didnt do claymation because THAT is unoriginal. Thanks for the review anyway, it wasn't n00b like.

like the 1st

It sucked and didn't really take much talent to do. Maybe you could be a good intermission magic clown in Vegas or something?

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3.18 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2004
6:28 AM EST
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