Krap Magick 2

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Due to popular demand, i have made a sequel with different tricks! Enjoy!


New and quite funny

i liked this submission i thought the style was quite interesting human stop animation you should do some more stuff like this but full size body and stuff it would be amazing. plus the music was so cool whats the tune called?

what a load of crap, the fps is low, all you have.

all you have to do is move fast and the camera wont see you

DanAbnormal responds:

Err, no. You have it completely wrong, so shut the fuck up. If you're gonna critise get your facts right.

Skillz. :D

Nice concept. Those tricks were amazing! ZOMG HOW DID U DU TAHT, heh.

The cuts from the webcam/whatever you used didn't always work. My major issues were with the video, not the submission itself, I guess-- except maybe for that MUSIC! argh >_< and perhaps the size of the video compared to the flash canvas.


lol, wow that was kinda clever, nice one!


i have to agree with him this submission isnt worthy of the portal and should be blammed

DanAbnormal responds:

You think youre so important dont you. Well ive got news, youre not. Just because you didnt like it doesnt mean it isnt portal worthy, and what do you know about portal worthyness anyway? It obviously is portal worthy as its been in the portal FOR THE LAST 6 MONTHS.

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3.18 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2004
6:28 AM EST
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