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PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 2

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(i dedicate this Yaoi to all of my fan-girls <3)

The love we have, sets my heart on fire. Your love and caring, I do desire. When I am with j00, I feel no pain, j00 shine with sunlight, on a day of rain.

I know our love, will always last. I love j00 more, with each day past. Without you here, I cannot be. For j00 my love, are part of me.

Piconjo <3s j00

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These are nice, but I absolutley have to do this: Kissing through ninja mask. FAIL! Tear goes over ninja mask. DOUBLE FAIL! XD Sorry for being an ass, but this wasn't thought of very well. :1 But don't let your haters get you down, dude. I LOVE my haters, they prove my awesomness. XD I hug you for your work, sir. (>^///^)>

I see Ninja

i see ninja omfg

LAME AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UM um............ for instance just to begin picoinja is the gayest fag ever i was just wacthing the other one and this n***a was playing w. his dick!! wtf is dat the kenny guy was sucking another n***as dick I AGREE w/ splinterclellclock that this is the gayest show ever in all recording history. And dont get em started about the ninja suit wat is that!! This isnt some gay movie.Its suppose to be atleast a little interesting i didnt even make it half way thorugh the movie!!!

UBER G4Y!!!!!!!!

For the guy below me, it is the same guy in the other kisses just in a gay ninja suit! What's up with the ninja suit anyway? It still goes slower than crap comin out of an ass!!!

very cute,

but how the hell are they supposed to kiss when that chick is wearing a mask?! couldn't she take her "mouth patch"of before kissing?! it's just lame. je probeert je er gewoon van af te maken (i don't know how to say that in english so i'm telling you in dutch)

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2004
11:10 AM EST

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