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O&A Fire Back At Stern

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Author Comments

This is my entry for the O&A Flash Contest


Good work,get better story

Steak4241 write reviews based on flash not your love of stern or O&A. Flash was decently done could have been a better story. There is no way in hell this deserved a 1 look at the art and time taken. It's easy to see you care, seeing how you screwed author out of points based on your love of stern. The art is better than some not bad.

With the right story basis this would be a ten. Not very funny though

Fuqin fanboys screw so many flashes ratings. You can vote based apon work of author.

Yeah I'm a Stern Fan, and that wasn't funny.

So anyway, I gave O and A a chance, I've listened to them a couple times and found them to be completely awful. They talk over each other, they aren't funny, and I just couldn't listen to them for long cause I was incredibly bored with their actual voices. They sound like two normal guys, you can hate Stern, but you can't deny that his voice is nearly one of a kind.

Anyway this wasn't funny, the best part was the shut up Robin (cause she does talk too much sometimes). And besides that there was nothing of great quality. Well so this isn't just a pure attack on the O and A fanbase, I just wanted to say that to each their own. I listen to Stern, you listen to O and A, so what. I think this fucking rivalry is fucking stupid. Why can't we just coexist? It's not like a battle between fucking political factions, this is just radio. So let's just get a long. I hate O and A, you hate Stern, and at the end of the day who gives a fuck?

It was so-so

This is really just a bad clip to use to make a Flash cartoon out of. O and A are funny as hell, but this was like like a 2 minute thing that they did for a laugh

@payne6 - Are you kidding me? O and A rip off of Stern? Lolomfg Howard stern is the sleeziest dirtbag piece of shit on the radio, with ratings that can't hold a candle to O and A

@ other guy - The fact that you can't spell the word "douche" makes it clear enough to me how retarded you are. O and A got banned from the radio on an unjust cause, and that's why people are fighting against it. How about you get your shit straight before you mouth off?

Overall, it was an OK submission


Well first the visuals weren't that exciting, or funyy, although u made a good howard character. And theres the fact that O&A can be retarded at times (especially now) makes me dislike this even more. I listen to Howard and that can suck but at least i dont hear them trying get revenge on other personalities all the time

Not even remotely funny

Sorry boys, you really missed the mark on this one.,,, and not just because of minimalist cartooning, but rather O and A just fail to see the difference between humourous and boring material. A disliking for Stern is not enough to make this tirade any good. Maybe during their suspension (and you really have to be a duche to get suspended from satellite radio ,, or in this case a pair of duches) they can come up with some worthwhile material.

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Credits & Info

2.03 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2004
8:51 AM EST
Comedy - Original