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11/20/04 - All bugs are fixed. Game tutorial now works. Sorry to those who had trouble with it earlier should work now. Make sure you highlight the whole code as it's dynamic text and it will scroll down as your highlighting it. Hope this benefits those who are learning. :)

For those who want to learn Flash. I made the tutorial over the past 2 months. I think it came out rather good. I added animals in to give the tutorial some more character. :)

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Wasnt bad at all


i didnt knew anything on how to create a flash movie or game and in less than hour i made a simple quiz game!!!


Out of all the videos, games, and everything I have ever seen I have NEVER, EVER, EVER rated something this high in general. It was extremely helpful, had a number of subjects, and was great!
Graphics: Great but sometimes things can be a tiny bit hard to read or find, as sometimes, for example for the actionscript basics, can be a bit confusing.
Style: Love it, so helpful!
Sound: My sound hasn't been working, so atm I rate everything a 5 for sound.
*Violence I will not even explain*
Interactivity: Great.
Humor: Do flash guides need humour? Generally it was pleasing with the pictures and all.
Overall: Best NG tutorial I have seen IN GENERALL. I read many tutorials, a lot are only on one subject. Yours are on many subjects, but there are some tutorials out there that explain things youre hasn't, but obviously you have done far more than enough. Longest review I have ever written (I only just joined today, what do you expect) and I have heard things that someone is trying to say there flash is better than this or something, all I will say to that person is SHUT UP! Anyway you have helped me loads on flash, thanks loads!:):):)

^-^ Good Job

VENGEANCE_GGG quit advertising your flash. He did a very good job, and I completly kept up with him and I've just started learning flash. I don't think anyone WOULD check out your flash after you bashed his and then in turn tried to make yours look better. Your really acting like a 13 year old. To sum it up?

Grow up.

I believe a 3.43 beats out a 2.64 anyday.

Not very clear.

You aren't very clear in the instructions... You just say "Drop this code into your movie clip". That does not make any fucking sense to someone who doesn't make Flash games...

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3.77 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2004
1:08 AM EST