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Update- Sweet Deal! Daily 4th place! Thank you so much, everybody. :)

Yup, new and better than ever. Okay, it's very much like version two...but One Player Mode is here! Bwahahaha!

Due to suggestion, fire for Player 1 is now Shift
Caution to XP users. Disable the overhold function.


Very Addictive3

An extremely addivtive two-player game; the only thing that could make it better is the ability to play it over a LAN with more players, more precise controls, and more powerups. Pi Thumbs Up

Very cool man...

I decided to check out some of your flash projects. These are really great. You're a solid action script programmer. Keep it up.

Not bad. Shows some potenital too.

The game wasn't bad. I'll be honest, theres better flash based space sims on the web however that dose not mean this wasn't pretty fun. It was kind of run of the mill and nothing to unique about it, although I did like some of the options you put in it. Also the A.I. of the enemy was pretty decent, if not basic but still offered a fair challenge. Also maybe its my computer acting up but it kind of seemed to go a bit slow in terms of the flow of combat. This does have potential to be a really fun space shooter sim non the less, just needs some work on it mainly in terms of gameplay variety and also could have the option of chooseing different ships. So overall it was pretty good, and it looks like you really can bring your flash skills to something great as long as you practice some more and make more enteraining games like this.


It was fun for a while but it just lacked a bit of flare or something.
I mean Subspace and Homeworld are my benchmarks for fun space games and yours was just boring after awhile. It was, however, a very intense shoot out for a while.

One shot one kill "instagib" type game
A space station you can hide behind.
Bigger arena.
Killer asteroids.

I dunno... I guess it just wasn't my type of game.

what the hell?

anyone understand the guy that rewiew'd just before me??

Fun November 14, 2004

Reviewed by: Redmeltdown Overall Score: 0

But can you say ungodly easy? All you do is buy archers, and your done

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3.33 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2004
6:05 PM EST
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