The Portal 2

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*UPDATED 5/26/05 07:07 PM*

I was recently working very hard on the portal 3 and even a bit on the portal 4 when my computer all of a sudden stopped working, as if it were attacked by a virus.

i lost all the information. this series is most likley dead. Im losing the will to keep restarting this crap.

The portal 2 is a parody series of the matrix and the portal.

Should this be disliked by viewers it will be re-made.

Remember, though at first glance it may seem so, but this IS NOT A STICK ANIMATION. Thank you.



please make more-its to good to stop it!

StealthBeast responds:

Dunno why people went so crazy over this lol.

Pure Awesome

Ya, you need to make more. It looks AWESOME! I wonder which character Pico would be?

StealthBeast responds:

Pico would probably be the architect.

Not bad..

It wasn't bad, but certain parts of it were kind of stupid.
Why are morpheus (that other guy) clocks?
Neo should have shades!
Change the hair a bit..
How'd you do the cool fade-effect? You have to message me (Ryx Euclie on AIM) and tell me. :P

StealthBeast responds:

Neo doesn't wear shades during training and such. future eopisodes he does. strawberry clock is like morpheus, while its true he was important to the storyline, he has no use after the first part XD

nice one loved it

great i beg u with all ten begging points to make the sequels lol gave 5;)

StealthBeast responds:

I may eventually continue it.

However I'm afraid clock crew may hate it as they think i ripped it off of "the portal" originally created by some, including tommarrows nobodies....

When I made this animation i didn't even know that animation existed.


that is one good piece o' work, i'd say! sucks that you won't be doing more of these... but anyhow!

one thing that started bugging me, was that "song"... "i wanna take you on a rollercoaster....."... tell me, who's the author of it, and where could one possibly be able to download it?

bah! anyhow! damn good job!

StealthBeast responds:

Oh I will eventually. I've been half-thinking of redoing the portal 1 and 2 from scratch and starting over.

Its from the matrix man, and its been years so I have no idea where I got it

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Nov 11, 2004
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