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After ages of work it is FINALLY here, another movie inspired by thoughts, dreams and nightmares.

Punch up the volume and turn off the lights!

* Congratulations to Guardian527! He went to the lenghts of decoding the letters in the book and has unveiled the secret, read more below in the description.

* If the movie doesn't work please don't vote/review! I've already emailed Wade about it, you may email Wade as well.

* Also, so many of you have complained about the graphics, and especially the "Hand" (that dreaded hand!) SO, as some have suggested, I've added shading now, tada! (yes that is some pitiful update but its worth it). Success, the hand is updated!

* OH MY GOD! Frontpage! AND a Daily Award! I couldn't be happier!!

* My housemate and friend, who is also the french voice actor, has finally made a NG account, and now he's officially a co-author, his voice acting was wonderful and so he deserves this :)

* Thanks to everyone who wrote reviews, I'll check them out and respond after I continue my sleep (lol) and get back from college

* To everyone who did _big_ reviews, I really thank you for them! The reason I didn't respond to them is because, right now, I'm tired like never before, so I will definately reply after I get my rest, I apologize for the late response


Sorry if this was late, I can't believe how lazy I am, and I literally mean it -_-

The voice acting is not top notch but is somewhat good, my voice (The really really deep one) was intentionally sounding like that, and its not because I don't know how to talk correctly! It's just something that adds a touch to the movie's "atmosphere" if you know what I mean.. And it was hard enough to do that while speaking clearly. They say that hearing one's own voice is usually disliked, so maybe its just me who thinks that I suck, lol.

This will hopefully be the last flash piece I'll do for this year, I really have to get working on my college assignments and my project, heh is it just me because I'm really starting to get addicted to Flash and NG, lol

I only wish I can pat myself in the back but my arms are so tired from overworking on this damned thing, and I can't sleep until I read and reply to all the reviews I'm (hopefully) getting.. Oh but wait, I DID sleep!

I wanna thank Tom Fulp for making this great site, and w00t I'm on frontpage I just can't believe it, my first frontpage ever! Also I wanna thank everyone who voted and everyone who reviewed (again) because all the negative and positive things I read is what makes me a better flasher :)

Thank you NG !

== the hidden text ==
== unlocked by Guardian527 ==

I wanted to write a book that holds the memories I had left in me, before I leave for the trail of no return…

I won't tell where is that sentence supposed to be, but I think its quite easy to figure out

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Very deep stuff

The only thing that kept me from giving you a 5 was how it was a bit annoying how it showed those red doors over and over. As I've been reading Creepypasta lately, this does seem like a Creepypasta. It's a very ambiguous tale where you're not sure why or how anything happens. The effects are done very nicely and I especially like how the screen starts with the strange language, but the words are in fact comprehensible. I guess it was supposed to be sad, but it did have kind of an uplifting note at the end. Basically, it was very interesting.


i ...... am quit surprised...this is insane loved the foreign language that everyone spoke in............. this is freaky shall there be a second?


i have dreams like that all the time....and oddly enough, i wake up with things in my hands i havent seen befor dreaming....

Scariest Flash movie I've EVER seen.

Holy crap man...I've never seen such a scary Flash movie before in my life. I don't just mean "startling" like those stupid "screamer" Flashes, either, though the scene with the book did make me jump. I mean, seriously scary, like a horror movie. Everything was so nightmarish, those distorted sound effects and the images of blood, and *especially* the images of the red stairs...they evoke real nightmares that I have. I'm just sitting there, cowering in my seat, and I'm powerless to you, the creator, assaulting me with a wicked pandemonium of nonsensical images and sounds. You left me dreading every scene, honestly anxious about whatever was going to come next. I've never had a little Flash piece do that to me before.

The reason why I did not rate this higher is because I did not think the story came out well enough. And I *have* seen the deleted scene, but even then, I didn't think it was clear enough. You could have turned this into a longer work, possibly 10 minutes long, with more images pertaining to real events happening in this person's past, to make it less vague.

But my God...I'm going to have trouble sleeping tonight. o__O


Nice work! It's pretty scary,though. But it has a lot of meaning. LOL! It's also the first time I heard someone in a Flash movie speaking French (on that note,it's a good thing that you put English subtitles for those who don't understand French, I know I do)! So, I have to admit that it is pretty impressive! But I didn't like all these loud and sudden sounds because they scared the shit out of me! But, hey,keep that was quite a small price to pay for seeing such a cool,spooky movie that has a lot of meaning in it! Keep up the nice work!