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Author Comments

well here i am,again!
i have got alot of fun with this one.
i played with different technices (or how to spell it) for this one
-Frame by Frame (FBF)
-Tweens (motion & Shape)
-Tracing (background tracing)
- Sound optimizition
-and some other things with no name

nothing is traced in this one... well nothing exept some of teh background
and it will run slow on old/slow machines so use teh low quallity^^
have fun!

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That was random,

it was an okay movie, don't be offended, I liked it, but the random-ness made me go crazy :P.

LocalNeroflash responds:

Fat mike:thats melvin on six string
Melvin:SoMe TElL mE iI cAn'T SiNG!!!!
Fat MIke (again):oh i think you can just dont do it around me...


Make something longer , this pretty much sucked and the worst was the sound .

LocalNeroflash responds:


not bad

it was quite a random movie in my eyes, but it was cool.
only thing i didn't care for was the music. i like some things from flashkit, but not all of it.
check out the audio portal sometime, its got some wicked stuff you could use in your next animation.

LocalNeroflash responds:

well i suck soo much in sound optimazion (or how to spell it).
and i dont really know how to do it in synch (or how to spell it).
thx for review

There are three words for this....




Otherwise, I like the graphics and the metaphors displayed by the skull and the windy terrain, portraying death and the suddenness of it. I also noticed that you decided to include a man wearing a turban, possibly a symbol for the middle east- a bit prejudice, but otherwise this was quite effective and emotional.

Ok, ok, so I bullshit- big deal. The explosions are good and quite synj-like and the loop is seamless. hmmm... explosions eh....?

Well, anyway... I must leave- dungeons are no place for people of my high intelect and the dampnesws is starting to get to me. I leave you with the tortured screams of the teletubies- who shall remain in the dungeon.

*Note* If you did not understand what I just said then you are not alone.

Much love and sympathy if you have just read this.

( ^0^ )

Ummm... yeah.... (p.s.- Axel, read the reply before replying to this review- um- thing)

Good byeb!

LocalNeroflash responds:

well.... i have mailed you now!
omg you're a funny guy
"the tortured screams of the teletubies" omg i shall write that up

well, write soon XD


great but you shuold have maked the movie stop at the end.

LocalNeroflash responds:

no cus if it been a stop in the end it wouldnt bee a loop.
and the loop is the point in this one so screw your sel..... just kidding^^

i mean thx for review

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2004
2:10 PM EST
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