Phantasmagoria 3:Rebirth

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The theme for this Phantasmagoria was Rebirth, and as an additional requirement, every movie had to start with the birth of the main character, and end with the death of said character. I has aiming to try to create the effect of reincarnation, as soon as one person (thing) dies, another is born in its place. Is this effect created? Thats up to you. Anyways, I hope you enjoy watching all of these artists' hard work.

(Sorry for the long delay everyone)

[Update: Credited the songs I didn't know and lowered the file size by a meg by reducing sound quality]



I'd have to say this one was better than the second but the movies were a bit short I hope you guys change your mind and make another one. I'll be checking NG out for you guys!

SeizureDog responds:

I've tried and failed multiple times to get a 4th one going.

I probably will someday though...like, a year from now :P

Thank you!

Yes! the first was so good, and I saw the second... huge letdown... but this... so much better. You went back to the style you did the first with, and the movies flowed much better in this then they did in the second. there are also "shorter and sweeter" segments instead of long, violent ones. Thanks for picking up your slack on 2 with this.

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SeizureDog responds:

Hey man, it's all good. :)

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I loved the movies by Black Mage the best! If there was a contest for the coolest movie ever, you ppl would definitely win! Hands down victory! Yeah!
"Dude, why do we keep on coming back?"
(guy reforms)
"Beats me"
":/" LMAO!

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SeizureDog responds:

I'm sure he's flattered :P

HAAH one to do ONE BY ONE yes yes yes

S_D - The same little trees from my last review but this one had a penguin too, and he got owned by like ... gravity, and it was to a rage song, and rage is awesome.

L_S 1 - Omg a pumpkin EH, and he then turns into a pumpkin guy, and then he kills the guy in the car and yeah that is so god damn awesome :D.

Stereovisionary - If had a deep meaning ... ok, but if not then it just made no sense, it looked kind of cool considering i'm 99999999% sure it was FBF, and there was some nice drawings, byt yeah, that's about it :P.

DragunFyre - This one looked absolutely awesome i must say, SO MUCH BETTER than anything S_D could've ever done, a lot of violence, and a cool looking character too, but he was pwnt.

Frontrow 1 - that was maybe the weirdest video i've seen, and i've seen a lot of his videos, so trust me i know how weird he can be o.0.

Frontrow 2 - Please tell me what just happened if you can S_D, i'm like ... about to explode out of confusion, so yeah ... k.

TheHappySheep - haha, a great song choice, and a robot ... doing the robot, now i must say that is original, but then he goes and cleans a house too, well isn't that just awesome, but then he lost his soul.

RazorJam 1 - THIS SONG, i love this song, holy crap, i am so downloading it later ... legally of course that is XD, well yeah too bad the only NON STICK DIED, he sould've pwn the one laying down the pwn.

L_S 2 - HAHA THAT SONG, yes the like best song ever, and it is put to this great movie of a kid getting shot out of the PUSSANG and then Splat *cough*

__Black_Mage__ - The characters are really cool i must say, and the movie itself had awesome commentary and a great little message ... or something i just find it to be too awesome. Maybe just the best of the bunch IMO ;)

RazorJam 2 - Ha that one made little sense, and was drawn rather badly, but i GUESS it gets rebirth across with the whole hand coming out of the ground, but yeah makes sense why it was deleted XD

-Yanni- - That guy is so weird, nice ... background i guess or whatever and he kind of stabbed the hampster which was ok ...

So yeah, nice collection i shall do the others later, and MAYBE JUST MAYBE, get all your stuff done by tonight.

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SeizureDog responds:



I liked that, the flash's weren't too short or too long, and Each one was different and interesting!

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SeizureDog responds:

Perfect :D

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Nov 6, 2004
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