Police Jerks

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fixed some bugs and best version
i hope you like it



While quite simple, this has a lot of potential to become a really popular flash animation. Just fix up the graphics and your all set. The sounds are hilarious! The entire idea is just awesome. Hooah!

nemesh responds:

thanks man!
i will try yo fix the grapichs

Haha. What the hell?

I like animations with lots of motion in the visuals, but damn. Talk about messed up physics. I especially like how the cars seem to accelerate in mid-air after taking the ramps at incredibly slow speeds. Anyway, this animation is lame but I'm going to give it a few points because the 'laughing' soundbites made me laugh also.

Great ideas, TERRIBLE graphics

You should work on this, seriously. You have a Roadrunner/Wiley Cyote thing going that could be really popular. Work on those graphics and scenarios and you can really go far with this. I want to give you a seven or higher because you made me laugh with so little effort, but I will withold for now until I see the next version.

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nemesh responds:

you right about the grapichs i really need to prove them

Work on your graphics

Hey mate, you really, REALLY need to work on those graphics. You thought about the storyline and sounds really hard, but the graphics is whats gonna make this get blammed so hard your gonna get dizzy. You really need to get those graphics under your belt, if you do, you can make some rocking movies!

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nemesh responds:

thank you

I don't get it...

I must say that was retarded. No point, not funny, and you did better with your Seinfeld thing...
Anyway, work on your flash and find something funny to present...

PS: Why are the police jerks?

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1.77 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2004
6:46 PM EST
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