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John Kerry Magic 8 Ball

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A smaller project, The John Kerry Magic 8 Ball, originally pitched by George from swoof.net. Fun for everyone with amazing accuracy! This 8-ball can answer all of your yes/no political questions and explore deep into the heart of some of your darker secrets.

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i asked told him "ass or bust" and he said "I don't think so"

i think he's more of a cleavage kind of guy

also he wants to smash me

and I'm gonna be gay in Canada

this is a weird game

very dumb "AI" if even is qualified to be called 1

"Will the US dollar continue falling" produced "Those are not my values" and then "What would you do with George W. Bush if you were locked in a room with him?" produced "that is just factually incorrect". Even Eliza was smarter than this pitiful excuse for an AI program.

Pretty funny

The person below me is right. It isn't about politics...if it was, it'd say so. It is just a person excersizing their 1st amendment rights. Or something like that. By the way, that is coming from a LIBERAL who thought it was funny.

Ok then.

That was kinda gay, and the other ppl who make comments about politcal stance and shit... WHO CARES this is a fucking game not a politcal debate, fuckin americans...

Very funny!

Good thing Bush is still in the white house. I agree with the viewer below me, the people who hate this movie are liberals. I am a conservative, and so is my father. My father voted for Bush. Kerry has a very low IQ and a low lifetime ACU rating, the signs of a liberal.