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I did this as a kinetic exercise, to try and get movements and scenechanges right, etc. Leave me a few and tell me how I did.



A novel idea. Having it loop the ending right back to the beginning fairly effortlessly. Great to see in action but not really worthy of a full movie. As a test for kenetic stuff, great. Works for me. Hopefully you can use it in a full movie next time. I dunno if many others will get the reason WHY it loops but though it doesn't really reach the level of other loopers such as Kenya and Badger Badger, it's a great demonstration of how to use it with a slight of intelligence.


sometimes the most simple ideas will better the most complex ideas out there. simplisity is understood by a wider range of ppl to complex (obviously) so keeping things simple is a good way to increase target audience. however, your movie made no real sence the idea to be running from something can bring exitement, thrill and suspence. the idea that you dont no whats coming next exites ppl. The chase is the thrill. and you can play with suspence by hiding the monster and poping him out when least expected. this didnt really do that, which is why it scored lower than it couldve. next time think about what your begining, middle and end and dont loop it with a song afterwards if you want animation to fit a song, pick the song first then animate around the song! not the other way round!

its ok.

Good idea. simple though.
And, why does it loop?. isnt one time enought?
The music needs a change.
And some dound fx woulnt be bad.
i like that its in black and white.

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good stuff

random, but nice. body movement needs some tweaking, but you're on your way. that was cool, loved the building chase part.


great song! good animation! rockin!

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2.01 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2004
12:01 AM EST
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