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-EDIT- I really did NOT expect this to get through judgement. Thank you for your comments and suggestions, they'll all be taken into account with future work on the project -

Just a small (short) preview of what will eventually be a full-length music video. First attempt at FBF. I don't expect it to get through, but (non-abusive) comments and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Well you did mention that it was short yourself so i am guessing you needed some help in the area of what to do next with your new found fbf skills and to be honest aslong as you do it as well as you have done so in this short your going to have no problem, although i did notice specks on the sky that might need cleaned up alittle. Just make sure you have a good feel for the fbf, its all in the feeling for me when it comes to fbf's, express your emotions. Overall i like your style, hope to see it in full swing.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

Ok here it goes

Well I would suggest you have the leaf fall from a tree up on a mountian. Then have it falling down the mountain coming across various things like a goat that almost eats it people that are climbing the mountain. then have it come down int a town where it can go all over the town. Just as it gets close to the ground have a big breeze pick the leaf up and then have it land on an animal then it ruins and the leaf gets picked up into tha air again.
Then finally have it come to rest in a pile of leaves.

FLiXD responds:


Need to see the rest really

I cant really give much of an opinion on that, other than that i think the 4.00 rating is a little undeserved... I'm not saying its not well made, it is.. but I think the mere fact that it was made by you pushed it up a point.

Anyways, I'd love to see the finished article ;)

its good.....

smooth piece, and I figured out why my speakers weren't working!!!!!!!.......They were unplugged lol.....I wanna see the rest :P


Very very nice

here is a good example of fbf! I am only 15 and this is much appreched by me i do agree i chould upgrade on the next one into a music video using the same style i dont even think you need to change it it is perfect just length it sorry this is a off the wall review! hahaha good job buddy

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Oct 31, 2004
3:59 PM EST
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