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Enjoy this one, and enjoy tomorrow's :)

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another great day for him dailytoons!!!


Who's Nader?


Who knew there was all this AWESOMENESS backthen!?

Ahhh an old classic

Zero- I remember you did this for dailytoon 100.
Five- w00t!
One- I couldnt get this one. snow white? but what the heck gold!
j00bie- yay nader!

Lol, old daily toon

*This is after the death of Daily Toons*

~The good~

Zero's flash was very interesting to watch, it was very original and I very much enjoyed the crazy FbF animation. I also enjoyed the intro, though it's no where near as good as season three's intro. Also, five's animation wasn't too bad as well. Also, the music used in both Zero and Five's flashes were pretty catchy.

~The bad~

Pretty much every other flash other than Zero's was quite bad. Five star's flash was just poorly done. One's animation was very short and a crappy loop, not to mention the very crappy animation and annoying music. Joobie's flash, on the other hand, actually made me laugh, though it was very, very poorly done and seems like it was just thrown togather really fast.

Overall, a very decent daily toon, though it only has one decent animation, but it's still very, very good and it's sad to see it die :( I hope this review was helpful!