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Providence : 3D Maze

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Author Comments

Make sure you read all the instructions before playing!

Catacombs of Despair is a maze game taking place in a fantasy universe. On a remote island, you have been thrown by a despotic prince in a huge cubic maze, now trying to find your way through a net of cramped rooms, barely looking different one from the other.

The game uses three dimensions instead of two, meaning that you can - let us say, have to - move upstairs and downstairs in addition to the NSWE directions. Yet, avoiding getting stuck in a dead end or in a trap is made harder by randomness as part of the magic surrounding the place: all the rooms and the corner the exit is located in reroll with every new game :).

The Providence project was born three months ago. I looked forward for a long time to making such a game, because the concept seemed new and surprising for a novice. Refer to "Info" for game shortcuts (for example, to look at the map, hit M at anytime). You can set the maze size from 216 to 21952 rooms.

Preloader is displayed at 10 %. Good luck ! (Last update: 8.11.2007)

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That was awesome!!! It was complicated but in the end i prevailed!!! Thanks for this awsome game!


First try I beat a room with 512 rooms and a 10% trap probability in 17 rooms without any items and encountered no traps. too easy make a difficulty setting for some people who have trouble and for a challenge.

Frozijunkie responds:

Well, thank you for reviewing this old game of mine ! First, please make sure that you have noticed the options button, which allows you to switch to a harder difficulty level, or a custom one (actually, you were playing in the easiest mode).
I agree nonetheless with you on the fact that the difficulty levels have to be re-thought. This is a consequence of the randomness of the rooms - sometimes the game is hard enough, sometimes it is surprisingly easy to beat.

Very not bad at all

THat was a very tricky game, took me a couple of tries, it would be alot handier if the compass was color oriented, and a little easier to understand, and if there were more bags (cheese and 2 nails?? whats with that?) anyway, i loved it, im gonna play it again.

Frozijunkie responds:

Thank you for your suggestions, they are very appreciated. I admit that the game gets quite boring as you play it again and again due to the fact that it is random. I am currently improving the compass and expanding the game window so it will be easier to understand. I am also thinking of adding monsters and maps that would not be random. Thanks for your support !

I like it

The game is good:-)
I thought it was a bit short, first try i had it in 22 moves..

Frozijunkie responds:

The random feature makes the game surprisingly easy to beat sometimes, even if the maze is meant to be solved in at least 30-40 moves on the novice mode. I am sorry for that and will try to work on it. You can still increase the difficulty in the the options menu, if the game is not challenging enough.
Anyway, thanks for the review, it has been a long time since the last one ! Have a nice day.

Hey froz. Its me

Nice game. Not really my thing but you made some quality stuff here. Hey and if been trying to make flash latly and I keep getting better and better. Hope to be as good as you someday.


Frozijunkie responds:

Hey, glad to see that you keep practising, and thanks for the support =). I stay tuned for your flashworks :p.