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This movie is no longer under construction! Wow!


A different flash

It was a very dark flash, that I will say, but I didn't really get the idea of it. One particular part of the flash I noticed was the dark lighting at the tombstone. One tip for such movies: If you're going to make something be read, then make it bright. However, if you don't want it to be read, keep it dark and brief so there is not enough time for the viewer to read it.

The next part I saw was the hill, tree and cloud and the small shadow, which was very effective in my opinion. You used very good shading and animation techniques for a dark setting. However, as the flash progressed, I saw the yellow window and other scenes, which proved to be very confusing to me. I am not sure what the purpose of this flash is, but it was very difficult for me to grasp. Maybe I'm dumb, but this is what I saw.

Anyway, best of luck with future work.

Boojamon responds:

Thank you. Your input is much appreciated. If I didn't get comments, I wouldn't be able to improve!

I have since learnt that this flash is much too dark, and I think my monitor may have been on a lighter setting to every other computer in the world. ( ^-^ )

Such is life.

The general storyline for this is that a murder takes place by a dark and shady figure, and though the flash WAS meant to be dark to conceal identity- I may have leant too far in that direction.

Many thanks,

nice music

thier was good music... i didnt really understand wat all happend tho but hey it had good music not that i think opera is good (soap operas are over rated)

Boojamon responds:

Not...opera...calssical music s l o w e d down big time.

Opera sucks.

Very creepy :D

Seriously a bit scared or something right now, i have no clue what just happened, but i know that what just happened looked REALLY cool :D, it was really dark so it took some dimming of lights to really see, but when i COULD see it then, it looked really nice, now onto the review,

Graphics - well the guy ... character dude himself wasn't all that good, and neither was the drawing of the knife, but the whole window and shading affected with it was nice, the background was obviously a lot of layers :P, and had more color than i've seen in any of the movies of yours i've checked out so far, so yeah NICE WORK with that i must say :D. Kind of random, but the best thing that was drawn was i think the pebbled walkway, yeah ... just thought it'd SO INTEREST YOU TO KNOW THAT hahaha.

Style - I'm no goth, or punk, or emo metal loving demon worshipping freak ( i think), but i do know that creepy, dark and all around scary movies this being a 7/10 on THAT scale :P, are like one of my if not my most favorite of all kinds of movies to watch in like theaters or on Newgrounds. So yeah because of that i found this as REALLY interesting, and quite fun to see :). Though i too as many people have asked, what exactly happened, was it a reenacment of the murder of that boy, and the guy you see was the murderer, or somthing else, i was just a bit confused by that.

Sound - The background like wind sound is AWESOMELY ERRIE, and the instrumental song during the flash itself was REALLY good, would you happen to know the name of it, or well if it is on the flash's main page, i guess not, and these words are a waste, but whatever, it fit the story and tone o the flash perfectly, and just ALL ran together so well, like you centered the animation around IT or something like that.

Violence - well i guess it got so many points since it was just kind of errie, and i'm really liked that, since there isn't anything for that really. Well i guess the blood and knife count, though i wish you could've seen the act of death itself, inside of like putting innuendos in to make you know what indeed caused that whole gravestone to be there, so yeah :P.

Well it says you're done with the movie, but i just wish you could show the actual death of the James Hack guy, it kind of like made me wonder for a while, and still does to a slight extent, also the layering or colors is a bit too just sudden, in like the trees, were it is one color then a definite line seperating it from another line :\, just saying it'd look better if it was faded instead, but that's about all the criticism i can lay down ;D. 5/5 THE END

Boojamon responds:

Actually, I do know the name of the music. It's called 'sabre dance' by Vanessa Mae. But it doesn't sound like it because I slowed it down by a tenth of what it actually was. (^-^).

Er, there's not much else I can say about this flash, except that in Hindsight I'm not to sure I like it either.

I can also tell you (If I remember correctly) That the James Hack guy was the guy that got killed...or he could have been the murderer....I forget. Actually, it could have been both....er. I'm not sure now! I've been off this website for way too long!



to last reviewer that movie rule

x(O o)x

Boojamon responds:

er.....it suuuuuuuuuuuuure did

A little dark? Oh yeah, and a weapon idea.

It was a bit too dark, but I guess it was kinda spooky. Didn't really catch the storyline...

Oh yeah, if you've seen euro trip then you'll know about when the guy gets owned by that dildo chainsaw thingy in amsterdam. That would be a hilarious weapon!! :D

Boojamon responds:


I don't think i will- it would reduce my audience.

I'm actually quite busy at the moment (and I've got my doubts on when I will get round to working on this again.

Hmmmm......maybe as a secret weapon....? No! No I can't! But what if- no... hey! what if....

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Oct 30, 2004
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