Conkers Eti-Quetti Guide

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if my boss finds out im here, he will kick my ass for sure!

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nice !!!

love conkers bad fur day.
wish they cont. the story anyways
thx for the good flash!


i like conkers bad fur day . alot . i like the games too. yea

Lol Pwned (this is recomended)!

yo man this pwned conker owns must be the best game in the world along with mortal kombat deception!!!~~~ oh well im just sayin if this was any better it would be the best video ever to be in newgrounds!!!!!!~~~~~ yo u pwn well c ya homies

(im white)

Oh foh shizzle snaps!

Dude that was tight! Conker is the best thing in the world! Make that 3 of the few by the way. N64 used to be the BEST in its time. But now that Xbox is here... Yeah, I think Nintendo should be 2nd place in console wars. Sony can suck mine. They got so desperate that now they're saying PS3 can, in fact... REVIVE dead people. BS. They also call Xbox 360 xbox 1.5, what does that make the PS3? A PS 0.3?

That was good

I gotta tell ya, i was in a situation like that long ago. i used paper towles... :P Yea, conker live n re-loaded is comin out june 21st if u care, cuz its gonna KICK ASS MAN! To r-static, You still have a 64? Man we r two of the few, two of the few.

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Jun 5, 2001
4:29 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody