Salad Fingers Soundboard

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This is my first soundboard*. It is based on the creation of David Firth. The soundboard works optimally at full screen. Links include David Firth's site, newgrounds' Salad Fingers Collections and a thread on ebaumsworld to discuss and post calls made with the board. Any and all feedback is welcome. I'm also providing a link within the soundboard that is downloadable and expandable, so that all the buttons are easily legible. Enjoy.

*Note, this was my first soundboard, but it has been recently updated to fix some display errors and also providing a link for people to download the soundboard. Again, enjoy.


imagine this guy on redtube spooning or fingering lol hes got the perfect fingers :P hahaah why isnt he a friend of you yet deadpool?

I LIKE SPOONS never gets old

This is awesome! I like how you can play some sounds all at once, and that some of the things Salad Fingers says are different. When I first heard this I started laughing so hard I was crying! Every time I hear it I start laughing!

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Hahaha that is so funny.I just laughed my ass off so hard.Awesome just awesome.If I was that woman I would say after you said your name was Hubert Cumberdale.I would say 'Oh hi dale long time no see.How you been?.Its me Jeremy Fisher.How did you get my number?".....Haha

HA i love it

i called a random number.

woman: Hello?
me: Hi.
woman: who is this?
me: This is Hubert Cumberdale.
woman: i dont think i know you
me: have you got a name?
woman: Bethany
me: Ive been thinking about you.
woman: what? what do you mean?
me: i just want to marry you. and might i say you are looking rather splendid this evening.
woman: you can see me? creep!
me: i wonder what you taste like. your body is so much fun.
woman: go away!
me: i just want to give you a big stroke. I like it when the red water comes out!
woman: whoever you said u were leave me alone.
me: Im orgasmic(then a bunch of the Oh's)
woman im hanging up!
me: bye bye


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