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Author Comments

A history of intolerance in America. If you want to laugh or be impressed, dont waste your time watching this. Its mostly all pictures and text. If your a patriotic American whiteboy who has been watching too many John Wayne films, then its quite worth your time.

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as a "patriotic american whiteboy"

I am a john wayne fan. I love america. I completely agree with what you said at the beginning of this flash. HOWEVER. We are still are more humane in our entire history than every country in europe and asia in the past 40 years. Good point though.


that was inspiring

well, do you think its right that

the japanese didnt follow the geneva convention and tortured all of those american troops?i dont realy care about the other entries but you shouldnt say that the nuking or hiroshima was wrong, americans were in the right to do what they did.....ever hear of the baton death march?the japanese were worse than the germans in my opinion

hey dude

we justdont wake up in the morning and say hmm i might go start a war a kill some black folk(by the way im using it as a term)
the only war we have ever started was vietnam ok
we still have free speach too we can be called unpatriotic but since we have been attacked many times we do like to label the ones we do fell are unpatrioctic cause we are angry at many countries but if you live in america for a year you will see that we do tolerate many things its not the white people that are racist its the mexicans and african-americans
i mean you can't even pull over a black guy without being called racist so please shut up and stop labeling out country

Arkturas, shut up!

It's very true that America has a long history of war and intolerance for other countries. Americans are the hypocritic race ever because America is built on free speech and stuff, but now no-one can say their opinions without being called "unpatriotic" and "evil". They are similar to Nazi Germany (in the way they believe that they are superior to everyone else). They have fought a lot of wars considering the country is only around 200 years old. America's national anthem should be "I'm Cancerous" by Eminem, because it tells you exactly what America is. A cancer.

America = Patriotism
Patriotism = Nationalism
Nationalism = Xenophobia

The point is that just because you love your country doesn't mean everything it does toward other countries is right. Keep making more great flash.

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2.99 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2001
1:27 AM EDT