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I love you,
even now i may confess,
some embers of my love their fire retain,
but do not let it cause you more distress,
i do not want to sadden you again.

Piconjo <3s j00, always.

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My confession, is that since I met Piconjo, my days are better thanks to the king of the portal, I am happy since I saw these audiovisual works of art <3 j00

that mouth movement though hahaha. It just ruins all the seriousness and I love it and the music gets so loud at some points that I can't hear him, this is pretty funny.

edit: 6:04 pm, holy crap this is hella long

i <3 j00 and will always <3 j00 father piconjo....
j00 have inspired me to pwn mah enemies... and overcome mah sadness...

Piconjo responds:

PICONJO <3s j00

The Best One

It takes a big man with a big p3n0r like Piconjo to admit his mistakes like he did in this flash.

Piconjo <3 j00

My confession to you is,

My balls itch. lol. Keep it up.