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AMERICA decides the fate of PINKO!!

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my overall emotion was one of generally apathy tow

The music loop gave it a good tense feel.

I liked how the TV viewers were zombies, the president a shark and the 'evil' scrapegoat a pink rabbit.

The graphics are cool, though your flash skills have obviously improved. Specially with your newer backgrounds!

Not that this is graphically poor by any stretch of the imagination.

Some nice touches, good graphics, but my overall emotion was one of generally apathy towards this.


well i was going to vote bush out but this flash makes me want him in make it a bit funnier

*Wishes to see the real ending*

Very nice graphics and animation. I'd say something about Bush not being president for much longer, but I'd probably have about 300 Bush lovers screaming at me for being a "bleeding heart liberal" or somesuch.

@The People Complaining About Too Much Politickin': The movie is called "PINKO". If that doesn't scream "THIS WILL BE POLITICAL" at you, book yourself in for a trip at the neverland ranch. Also, how can you agree with the part about voting Bush out then complain about too much politics?

Anyway, I think I've gone of course a little. Very nicely animated flash, hopefully the real ending will be shown after the next election.

yeah that wuz crap

well im sorry but iv never seen such crap in my life... tho the animation was decent i could see very little effort put in to this movie. and tho i agree that bush should be voted out, agree with the preveus review that ask why the FU-K would you bring politics in to it. it just annoying and pisses people off. so im sry to say that this movie should be BLAMED asap.

What the hell?

Dude, this was a good flash. The characters were done well, the story seemed intreguing, and the voices were clear. But, why would you bring politics into this?

Meh, I think you should do it anyway, regardless of who gets elected, because it really should be completed, and there is no need to bring politics into this cool flash.

You might want to bring up the background music a bit, because it seemed cool. Anyway, please make it regardless of who gets elected. That's my view :-)

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2.56 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2004
6:20 AM EDT
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