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A Little Pick-Me-Up

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Author Comments

a short little something sure to warm any fan of Family guy... from die-hard to light weight fans... sure to put a smile on your face... enjoy...


Okay...a Family guy ad?...

yes most of us know theres such a tv program as family guy..and most of us have seen at least 1 episode.....


That sucked. It was only about 30 seconds, and the only point to it was to show pictures from Family Guy. It really wasn't much of a pick me up.

SurvivalisFutile responds:

ok.. thank you very much for your review... i suppose writting out the deffintion of a "review" would be pointless and wasted in this case... but hey... what the heck evilfly your the lucky-one. Mr. Aspiring Cartoonist, or atleast proclaimed so, i dont know if you know what its like to work on the same movie, day in, day out... same movie, gets kinda tiresome... so people will sometimes submit things here because they are "side projects" something to change up the rouster just abit.. the only purpose of this movie was the putting together something to get my mind out of my other stuff... and as for the deffinition of a review.. psh, while in a review you should voice your opinion, and im not accusing you of being the worst about this, but alot of people seem to be under the slight impression you get to just... say "BLAM BLAM BLAM" or "I really think this sucked donkey balls" well how about somehelpful reviews, eh? i guess its too much to ask of people, but hey whatever.... your review was pretty fair non the less i just felt my good friend evilfly that i would pick on you... no perticular reason, and no offense to you..

A note

I love Family Guy. I did not like this. Nothing happens. I've had more eventful coma's. I would like my 45 seconds back please.

SurvivalisFutile responds:

hmm... more eventful comas... how so?



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SurvivalisFutile responds:

oh crap... my bad honestly... i just figured since... ya know.... THERE WOULD BE NO FAMILY GUY WITHOUT FOX... and that tey are sorta OWNED BY FOX.. i should point that out... ya know... but regardless, your right it should read " All Characters, Sounds, and Pictures Created, but no longer owned, by Seth McFarlene because he sold rights to Fox..."?


you seriously think THIS is a pick-me-up? that was utterly pointless, sir.
you've made a couple of pictures of the characters, and rotated them, and tweened them... no real animation here.
you also simply used the theme song of the show, and flashed some text on and off the screen. i really disliked it.

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SurvivalisFutile responds:

i have extreme respect for you good sir being the 7th greatest reviewer all time... thus i submit to you that you were and are very correct...

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Credits & Info

1.71 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2004
1:27 AM EDT
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