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fun stuff 187

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120MHz intel pentium processor or equivalent (audio only)
16MB of RAM
28.8Kpbs modem
16-bit sound card and speakers
65,000-color video display card (video)

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Fun stuff

Number 187 it showcases well, some nice elements of random humor and random visuals make for some of the best movies Some wild fun Stuff, these movies are fun and while they are classics they still bring on some good humor, so really nice work indeed anyways nice submission.

random and funny no changes needed


what the hell?

you have a sick mind! so random!

Hatter wins.

The greatest flash ever.

nazibomb responds:



genious of fun stuff....honestly i think you might be the best fun stuff artist ever

nazibomb responds:

hey thanks but definitely not, i can't beat out such greats as cabbage, and i don't think i'd want to

Lets just say..

That for a second..IM ALMOST PISSING MYSELF!!..i love you man..lmfao good movie...oddly hinting of MJ though hahaha.."Ive got somethign in my front pocket for you"...lmfao...classic...loved teh movie cuz

nazibomb responds: