A Walk At Night - Part: 2

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As you'll notice, there is no #1. that is because #1 was 150kbs and went for about 30 seconds. But, here, thanks to the recomendations of ng users, complete with more animation and story line; A Walk At Night - Part: 2


haha jew hater

haha i rated it zero and u want to no y? well ill tell u. there is two reasons.

1. it was stupid and pointless
2. u hate jews and that is rasist and guess wat im a jew and i took that very affensivly calling jews selfish id say ur the selfish one bitch


Okay, this wasnt too bad, except... where is part 1? :P
Oh well. Make another short like PIXAR.. heh, that was funny :P
Maybe do something funny for THX :P
Anyway, keep up the good work! Glennjam - LEGC 4EVA

PS : I studied Truckers and got the joke, sent to the link my friends and they liked it :P

Rubber-Donkey responds:

Yes! The long awaited appraisal! Thank you kind sir. Part one.. That was a short senseless film like pixar. It featured the scene where actually killed the two children. At that point I had no idea what it was about. Then some people told me I should give it a storyline and such. All and all it was blammed. But them I returned with my first successful submission A walk at Night - Part: 2. Part three has heaps of cool (well, actually pretty poor) 3d effects that took me quite a while. Still not finished though. But, I'm hoping it wont be too long now..

That occupied me for a few mins :)

Try and work on making the stick ppl move faster...

Rubber-Donkey responds:

i could easily make it faster. it was just slow to fit the timing of the music, and drammaticness.

Slow start

I didnt really understand the plot of this. And the beggining was too slow i almost feel asleep. Dont use text, use real voices. And please, dont use sticks

Rubber-Donkey responds:

god fucking dammit... if you hate it, dont give me all this bull shit, just go "man that sucked, fuck you, LOL!!11 ROAFL!!11!" or something. Gayest review I've ever got. No shit, it's slow, it's so it fit the time frame of the music, no shit, you're not supposed to get the plot, thats the point, and use my voice? im australian, do you have any idea how shit an australian voice sounds in flash? fuck you, and die.

Too slow man

But, it was nice work. My only critisism about this is that the graphics suck (pretty confusing, who killed those kids anyways, the father or the son?) because of the stick figures and the animation was slow. Try it. ( cool intro music, where did you get it? the Matrix?)

Rubber-Donkey responds:

yeh, it is too slow, and i should have made the dad a different color. the son killed the kids. the song is called pompeii by E.S. Posthumus from a trailer for spideman 1. He made music for a matrix reloaded trailer too (Ebla) these and other songs from movie trailers can be found on his album "Unearthed" which I downloaded :P

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Oct 24, 2004
4:36 AM EDT
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