Life with Michael

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This is my first long movie
its not really about my life but i did
draw me and some of my friends in cartoon style (they tought i did pretty good)

I worked hard on it so i hope you will enjoy it!!

important note do not click on the scenes button before the movie is fully loaded
also dont pause

Enjoy!!! :D


Apparently I watched this one a long time ago but dont remember it clearly. Still it wasnt half bad all things considering just wish there was better voice acting but who cares.

Hey this was really good

Hey I am an animatior as well. and this is a very nice peice. I can tell that you have alot of potential and you will be a great of newgrounds someday. BTW if you like at my animation i have on here it is crap. i am much better now that was a long time ago.

mitec responds:

thx m8 u gave me a push in teh back to cary on with flash :D

Pretty good

The graphics in this were pretty nice. Good character design. The walking in the beginning seemed a little odd looking, but the way you animated the way they were running later was quite good. The voices were okay, but I was expecting to see an old person come out instead of the drug-dealer; the voice just didn't fit the character too well. But the three guys voices were good. There was some decent humor in there, as well. I think some more music would help though, and perhaps a little more length. Overall, though, it is a pretty good piece. Good job.

mitec responds:

its bin a long time this movie is bin revieuwed its liek covered with dust ^^
thx m8.
as u might see i respond too all my revieuws.
due too some things i diddnt had time to work on flash but im all active on newgrounds lately again and i started picking up flash too.
I wont like trowing all i make on ill work and experiment a lot before u see some more work from me but ill be comming with some shorts shortly ^^

the only thing i liked about this was..

a teensy bit of the animation (as far as them running from that guy) and the epiloge.. that was funny 'cause epiloges arent suppsoed to have question marks in them and be contradictive of themselves.

make it funnier next time.. thx.

mitec responds:

Tnks well thats wats this all about what you liked ;) the fun!!


eindelijk iemand die een deftige taal spreekt!
ik zelf kom van Belgiƫ ,maar maakt ni uit,
toffen flash ,echt wel

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mitec responds:

heej mooisow ;) heb je ook gevote
ik kom oorspronkelijk uit breda kwam vaak in belgie :D:D kken ook veel lauw mensen uit belgie :) jij bent er nu ook een van

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2.32 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2004
2:01 PM EDT
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